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  • Commercial Auto Liability: $300,000 to $5,000,000
  • Physical Damage: Stated Amount and Agreed Values
  • Garage Keepers: Legal, Direct & Primary
  • Property & Inland Marine: Offices, Buildings and In transit
  • Hired & Non Owned: Employees and Owner Operator
  • General Liability: Limits to $10,000,000
  • Workers Comp: Statutory Requirements
  • Motor Truck Cargo: Single Truck and Fleet

Trucking Program

K2 Insurance has several Commercial Truck insurance programs specifically designed for variety of local and long haul trucking businesses. We have programs and variety of carriers for any size business from single owner operators driving their own truck, small fleets up to 10 units through large fleet – more than 50 units.

  • Local Trucking
  • Long Haul and Interstate
  • Dump Trucks
  • Fuel Haulers
  • Refrigerated Trucks
  • Tractors
  • Automobile Liability
  • Physical Damage
  • Trailer Interchange
  • Motor Truck Cargo
  • General Liability
  • Workers Compensation
  • Logistics
  • New Ventures, OK
  • High Loss History, OK
  • Lapse in Coverage, OK
  • State & Federal Filings
  • Fast Certificates
  • Superior Claim Service


We issue the following Regulatory Filings for you:

  • Airport Forms and Endorsements
  • DMV
  • ICC
  • MCS-90
  • PUC
  • UIIA Endorsement
  • MCP 65
  • And MORE, just call…

Courier Program

K2 Insurance represents some of the most competitive Courier Programs in the Nation. A+ rating and superior policy form will comply with any requirements you need for DHL, FEDEX, OnTrac, Dynamex and all other National and regional companies.

  • Messenger/ Document Delivery Services
  • Small Package Delivery
  • Home Delivery Services
  • Medical Supplies Delivery
  • Auto Parts Delivery
  • Home Delivery
  • Retail Delivery Service
  • Automobile Liability
  • Physical Damage
  • Cargo Coverages
  • Warehouse
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Excess/Umbrella Liability to $10,000,000
  • Hired & Non Owned
  • New Ventures, OK
  • High Loss History, OK
  • Lapse in Coverage, OK
  • State & Federal Filings
  • Fast Certificates
  • Superior Claim Service

Limousine Program

K2 Insurance is dedicated to the passenger transportation industry. Our specialization and commitment to the transportation industry ensures that you will receive the right insurance program for your particular needs. Our goal is to work together with you to offer high quality, trouble free and long term relationship.

Types of Operations:

  • Charter Buses
  • Sightseeing Buses
  • Limousines
  • Airport Buses
  • Transit Buses
  • School Buses
  • Shuttle Vans
  • Van Pools


  • Automobile Liability to $5,000,000
  • Physical Damage
  • General Liability
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Garage Liability
  • Garagekeeper’s Legal Liability
  • Excess/Umbrella Liability to $10,000,000
  • Property Coverage
  • New Ventures, OK
  • High Loss History, OK
  • Lapse in Coverage, OK
  • State & Federal Filings
  • Fast Certificates
  • Superior Claim Service

Commercial Auto

Securing coverage for your Commercial Auto just got a lot easier. We have access to dozens of Commercial Auto programs. Our expert brokers and A-rated carrier mean that your Commercial Auto exposure will be thoroughly underwritten and professionally covered in the event of a loss.

We can provide quotes on ALL SIZES OF COMMERCIAL AUTO from single trucks to large specialized fleets.

  • New Ventures, OK
  • High Loss History, OK
  • Lapse in Coverage, OK
  • State & Federal Filings
  • Fast Certificates
  • Superior Claim Service

As a private carrier, you are responsible for hauling goods in your own truck for your company or employer. Whether you’re working in construction, excavation, manufacturing, or any other private carrier capacity, we have truck insurance solutions for you.

Primary Liability – Every trucker/trucking company who operates under their own authority is required to carry primary liability coverage on all owned units and either provide this insurance for their leased vehicles or ensure that the leased operator carries it on their own.  Generally, the motor carrier provides this coverage for the leased operators but there are rare instances when this is not the case.

Cargo Insurance – Provides coverage for loss or damage to the property a truck is transporting (the load). Generally, though not always, provided by the motor carrier for leased operators.

Physical Damage (Collision, Specified Perils) – Provides coverage for repair or replacement due to damage resulting from a covered loss (collision, fire, theft, hail, windstorm, earthquake, flood, mischief, or vandalism) to owned vehicles.

Occupational Accident – Product designed specifically for owner operators in the trucking industry. In most states, by being self-employed owner operators can opt out of state mandated workers compensation coverage. While not the same as workers compensation, occ/acc is similar in scope and intent.

Most motor carriers require their leased operators to be covered either by workers compensation or occ/acc at the leased operators expense. For those who qualify, occ/acc is generally a lower cost alternative.

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