Motorsports Insurance

K2 Insurance Brokers specializes in unique niche coverages for the motorsports industry. From sporting events to race team insurance, we have the markets and expertise to insure a wide range of motorsports risks. 

Race Team

Robust coverage for your motorsports race team.

Race Event

The protection you need for your racing event.

Tracks & Facilities Insurance

Every time you open you gates, you encounter risk. We've got you covered.

  • Multiple Company Options

    We have the markets! We represent several A rated Motorsports Insurance Companies.

  • True Industry Expertise

    We have the Experience: 32 years in writing Motorsports. We know your business!

  • Never Overpay Again

    We have the lowest Rates: We know how to present your account to get the best program available.

  • Incredible Customer Service

    Service on your terms: Low down payments and flexible payment terms.

Have questions about the process of switching to us?

Get answers to some frequently asked questions below.

There are many reasons we feel that we're a great choice to help with your insurance. Maybe the biggest one is that our agency is 100% independent and can offer you many choices when it comes to coverage and insurance providers. This saves you hours of time in trying to compare the different options yourself 🙂

When you're ready to switch over to our agency, you'll first need to secure coverage with the carrier we found for you. This usually involves making an initial down payment and signing off on the policies we present to you. The process is very simple and only takes a matter of minutes.

While we can definitely revisit your policies on an annual basis, changing insurance carriers every year (or six months) can actually negatively impact your "insurance score" which can actually cause your rates to increase. Therefore, while it's possible, we don't necessarily recommend it.

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