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About Our Agency

Service and protection is in our Heritage.

K2 Insurance Brokers was launched in 2009 with a desire to serve a more select group of clients. As a husband and wife team, fully committed to each other, our passion is to be fully committed to your business. To grow and prosper, together. This is reflected in our Core Values:

Stay Customer Focused:

We view the organizational chart as a big circle. We are all in this together. We work hard, you work hard. Together we will search out the best risk management programs available on this planet. Really, we love to travel, we will go the ends of the earth for you.

Keep a Competitive Mindset:

Business today is fast paced and ever changing. We focus on business fitness by creating relationships with several insurance markets. Markets that demonstrate cutting edge philosophy to rate structure. We love to throw “high fives” when we negotiate rate reductions and expanded coverages.

We take personal responsibility:

We are in the Insurance business. It is in our heritage and we take it very seriously. We expect the best from ourselves just as you do. We rise to the challenge of digging deeper, negotiating harder and offering more creative solutions.