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Home » Mud Run Events

Mud Run Events

Mud Run and Special Events Insurance in California and 30 other States

Mud Run Insurance And All Types Of Special Events

We provide Obstacle Course and Mud Run insurance even for the toughest events. We have access to all of the Top Insurance Companies writing this industry.

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A Better Approach

With more than 25 years in the industry we do more than just take your application and submit it to the insurance market. We will assist you in preparing your submission that will get you the best results. The underwriting process will be more efficient, the hazards will be identified, the loss ratio will be better, and your rates will be lower.

Proactive Involvement

We have developed a standardization program that will get you better rates. Our exclusive program, “MOSS” (Mud & Obstacle Safety Standardization) is designed to classify your obstacles and utilize robust safety guidelines as well as obstacle design criteria. This criteria has been proven to produce the most successful, safe and profitable event. We love this industry and participate in OCR Events on a regular basis. We understand this sport and are very effective at negotiating with insurance underwriters.

Get the Protection you need for your next Obstacle Course Race or Mud Run Event

K2 Insurance will negotiate the best possible rate and terms for your next event. We can do single events as well as annual policies with a national race schedule. We will provide the proper protection you need to protect your company from lawsuits brought against you by the spectators or participants.

Injuries happen at every event. We will provide you the **Participant Accident **coverage to protect your injured participants. This coverage is a vital buffer to the liability limits. The industry has found that when the participant’s injuries are taken care of, they are less likely to sue you. However, if they do you will have a robust General Liability policy standing by and backed by some of the Nation’s strongest insurance carriers.

Coverages Available

  • General Liability
    • Protect your company for lawsuits brought against you for Bodily injury or property damage arising out of your operations or premises for your events as well as for your office.
  • Liquor Liability
    • Protection for legal issue arising out of the liquor served at your events
  • Excess Liability to $10,000,000
    • When the standard $1,000,000 limits are just not enough, get more!
  • Participant Legal Liability
    • Protection for suits brought against you from the Participant even though they have signed waivers.
  • Participant Accident Medical to $100,000
    • Medical coverage is available to the participant from first aid to more serious treatment
  • Equipment, Property & Commercial Auto Coverage
    • Protect all of the property and equipment you transport and set up at events. Coverage for fire, theft and much more
  • Event Cancellation
    • Protect your financial investment if the event cancels due to weather or governmental action.
  • Workers Compensation
    • Protect your employees and volunteers from injuries
  • Pollution Coverage’s
    • Protect your company against pollution related claims due to the impact of the race on the location and environment.
  • Blanket Additional Insured’s
    • Municipality requirements, waivers of subrogation, special forms as needed


FACT: Claims drive the rates up. Many of the insurance companies feel that the OCR events are very dangerous and have placed rates high to offset their impression of the hazard.

  • We are here to change their understanding of the OCR industry.

We have created a Mud & Obstacle Safety Standardization program called MOSS.

MOSS was designed to organize and classify the hazard of your obstacles and overall risk. When we use the MOSS program, underwriters get a better understanding of your obstacles and will apply the correct rates. Generally these rates are lower. Do you realize that 80% of the injuries come from “on course” and NOT from the obstacles themselves? “On Course” is the participant running, just like at a regular running event yet, the OCR industry pays 5 – 10 times the premium as a regular 5k or ½ marathon.

  • We are here to change the rates.

The MOSS safety program is available to you. We can help you tailor your safety program specific to your event utilizing a proven program that has already produced some of the nation’s most successful event. Fill out the contact info and we will send you a complementary Safety Program Template that you can use for your next event. No Charge. Nada.

  • We are here to improve the OCR industry.

Picture of Mud Run and Special Events Insurance in Temecula CA & Murrieta CA

Click the button below to contact us and we will send you a Complete Safety Manual Template that you can use for your next event. These Safety programs have proven to provide the Safety Program to promote a safe, fun and profitable event. Just put “I would like my complementary Safety Program Template” in the message.

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