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Home » Does Insurance Cover Injuries At Your Sports Clinic?
May 23, 2022

Does Insurance Cover Injuries At Your Sports Clinic?

If you are in charge of organizing a sports clinic, you need insurance for any eventuality. A variety of accidents might occur, but one of the most obvious might include injuries to your players, staff, volunteers and even spectators. When these injuries occur, then you might need to spring into action. Not only must you see to it that the injured party gets help, but you also might have to pay for some or all of their recovery costs. That’s why various types of insurance exist that can help you cover these costs. Let’s take a closer look at the necessity of carrying insurance that applies to these losses. 

Your Responsibility for Clinic Injuries 

Sports are dangerous. So, injuries might occur. For instance, one of your players might fall in the middle of practice and sustain a variety of severe, even life-threatening, injuries. Therefore, you might have to help this player with their medical bills and other recovery costs. 

Even worse, injuries aren’t limited to just your players. Third parties who are not actively participating might experience injuries, too. Say, perhaps, that during a baseball clinic, someone hits a foul ball that flies into a group of spectators, hits one of them on the head, and gives them a concussion. That person might blame the clinic for the fact that they might have to go to the hospital, miss work and spend money on recovery costs. Again, the duty to cover these losses might fall onto the clinic organizers. a man throwing a baseball on a field

If this comes to pass, your clinic might need to turn to its insurance coverage for assistance with these costs. In many cases, policies can assist you when injuries occur. However, the types of coverage you might need are diverse and vary considerably. Therefore, you must specify your coverage when you enroll. 

Coverage To Obtain For Your Clinic 

When you start planning your clinic, talk to one of our expert insurance agents. We know how to guide you on the finer perks of insuring injuries to others. Consider at least some of the following policies as essential to your protection. In many cases, you can find this coverage within the parameters of your general liability sports insurance. 

  • Participant Accidental Medical Payments Coverage: If a player gets hurt on your watch, then coverage might help you supplement their medical costs. Sometimes, a player might not have health insurance for their injury costs, which is why they might need this coverage. 

  • Dental Coverage: Many accidental medical payments policies will cover dental injuries as medical expenses. 

  • Participant Liability Coverage: In instances where a participant gets hurt, they might decide to sue the clinic for their medical costs. This coverage can help you pay for settlements and the legal costs that might arise in these cases. 

  • Premises Medical Payments Coverage: This is coverage that might apply when spectators get hurt on your premises. For example, if a family member gets hurt while watching their child play soccer, then this coverage can help you settle the damage costs with them. However, these policies might only work in cases where injuries are minor, and there is a low risk of a lawsuit. 

  • Premises Bodily Injury Liability Coverage: When spectators or others sustain more severe injuries on the premises, then this is the protection you might need. For example, the policy might help you when a spectator falls at the event, slips and sues the clinic. It can help you respond to both the legal costs and settlements of suits. 

  • Excess Liability Policies: Sometimes, a liability suit from an injury might lead to significant costs, and these might exceed the limits of your standard liability policies. This coverage can help you cover costs that the initial policy might not. Furthermore, these policies might also offer an accidental death and dismemberment insurance settlement, in case the worst happens. 

Keep in mind, your policies will have limitations. These might include: 

  • Excluded injuries and accident causes 

  • Maximum policy limits for all claims 

  • Deductible costs 

  • If you employ workers, you might also have to provide workers compensation benefits in case those parties get hurt. Some participant injury policies will exclude these losses otherwise. 


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