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Problems With Work Comp

You can control your Workers Comp rates.

You have to get in the fight and take action, here's how:

Isn't it time you take control of your Workers' Comp?

Insurance companies make you pay back claims through increasing your experience modification. You are actually financing your own claims at ridiculously high rates. Many times claim payments are incorrect or over charged. 70% of all audits contain errors. Do you really think the Insurance Company is going to audit their own expenses for you?

Because Workers' Comp is so complicated and confusing, you are left to assume that your premium audit reports are accurate and their Experience Modification Factors are correct. When was the last time you challenged the audit? Challenge the Experience Modification Calculation?

Because of mistakes in the Workers' Compensation system, at least 50% of businesses are overcharged for their Workers Comp insurance.

As a Certified Workers Comp Advisor we are certified and trained by the Institute of WorkComp Professionals. This gives us the expertise to excel in analyzing your Workers' Comp accounts, identifying errors and overcharges, and developing strategies that help you reduce your experience modification and overall Workers' Comp costs permanently.

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